She was born second, therefore her name started with the letter B instead of A like her sister – the true seedling simply because she was born first – but she had a secret that she held close to her heart, one that might help her ascend her position in sim-anity in the future. Baashaa…

The Queens’men

The tradition of sacrifice must be upheld or face the wrath of the Queen Mother.

The Three Daughters

The race of the three daughters – who will sprout a seedling for sim-anity first?

Empress Aanaa 2

The empress has been encouraged not to mourn the death of her devoted husband, and to instead focus her energies on finding a new husband to give her a seedling. It’s important to give sim-anity a seedling to adore she is told, or they will focus on her lack of magical abilities and question the…

The Sims of Sulani

The culture of sim-anity is growing strong with customs and budding traditions.

Empress Aada

The sims of sim-anity are freezing. It’s been a long, harsh winter and they believe that it is the result of of the first Empress not sprouting a seedling. She has given birth to a blue-skinned baby boy and everyone is disappointed. They have been worshiping the Waters with the songs and stories, they have…