An eventful day

Conrad was set to do his daily chores when disaster strikes! The High Mountain Goddess must not have been pleased because he quickly catches fire while grilling the breakfast fruit!03-25-16_9-41-26 PM.png

This desert is hot, but Conrad wasn’t prepared for this kinds of temps. He obviously doesn’t live this one out, he crisps up, burns and sighs his last breath!03-25-16_9-42-38 PM.pngIf you’ve got time to burn you’ve got time to learn… about the dangers of fire.03-25-16_9-42-58 PM.pngThe  Not-so-Successful Fai has gotten pregnant, but doesn’t have a very glorified following yet. She’ll have to pray for another Sheba to tend the garden and grill her sweet pineapples. She prays in the form of dancing around her least favorite friend, fire.03-25-16_9-58-42 PM.png

Fai found herself hunting down her own dinner, and lonely. She prayed hard!03-25-16_10-06-42 PM.png

The Merciful Mother from the sky sends Primo Sheba to Fai’s camp. He gets to it, cleaning up the mess Conrad left.03-25-16_10-16-15 PM.png

The tribe welcomes a squirmy baby bundle filled with Princess Yama Cal’Dasha! It’s the men’s job to take care of the babies but after they aged up there wouldn’t be any more contact outside of the spiritual act of bumping uglys.

03-25-16_11-12-28 PM.png


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