More about the Cal’Dasha

The tradition garb of the mating ritual: Fai wearing her shiny Shakka. She only wears this to woo the slave Sheba into a vulnerable state so she can acquire what she needs to make more baby Sheba’s and more importantly, Cal’Dasha women.03-25-16_11-20-30 PM.pngFai wears shiny blue eye make up to let her see the shining Cal’Dasha blood of the Sheba.

She and Primo had troubles conceiving and she had to try many more times to see his blood shine for the princess. She needed to produce more tribeswomen.

03-25-16_11-41-34 PM.png

But she gets the job done, and designs the sad sacred water garden and gets on with the sad task of sacrificing her first Sheba to almighty Goddess of the High Mountain.03-26-16_12-55-24 AM.png

03-26-16_12-58-11 AM.png03-26-16_1-01-35 AM.png


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