First Generation

Ola sim friends, here’s a little update on Kai and her tribe. She’s had two children, one girl, her heir and one boy, a tiny future Sheba. 03-28-16_1-31-51 PM.png

Yama Cal’Dasha loves the outdoors and is best friends with her mom. They don’t have too many options for socialization, they’re not allowed to socialize with the Sheba, (the ancient bronzed men of the Cal’Dasha tribe in charge of caring for the women of the Fell’Dasha, the High Mountain.)03-27-16_11-32-03 PM.png

Kin Cal’Dasha took his mother’s last name, an honor bestowed to only the son of the Creator, instead of the traditional Sheba. Kai has hopes that the High Mountain Goddess will send another Cal’Dasha woman to her tribe and Kin will one day father a beautiful and noble woman. He’s neat and clean, an asset for a boy whose highest hopes are to clean until he can father a child with a woman who hasn’t even joined the tribe yet.03-28-16_5-30-53 PM.png

So that’s the first 2 children born so far! Kai and Yama dance under the moon, praying to the High Goddess! 03-28-16_2-01-39 PM.png

They also took a trip to learn about new plants and fish for the garden. 03-28-16_4-51-57 PM.png


So just a quick update, I know the beginning of the challenge can be boring cause there’s no other sims to create any drama. So far just a nice family and a few dead Sheba slaves! Thanks for checking in!

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