The next Cal’Dasha Woman

So we’ve had a little excitement on site. Benicio Sheba joined the tribe and didn’t offer much in the kitchen. He survived, (which almost pissed Kai off worse than him setting her beautiful brick stove on fire) and they worked hard to repair the things burned down or damaged.03-29-16_6-43-56 PM.png

But the High Mountain Goddess is good and sent this beauty to join them. Alei Cal’Dasha is confident that she can gather while the creator is pregnant for the third time, and garden better than the slaves that have come and gone so far.03-29-16_7-22-26 PM

03-29-16_6-45-30 PM.png03-29-16_6-47-43 PM.png

They travel to the Sacred waters and enjoy a day to celebrate that Yama will soon be celebrating her birthday and get to know their new-comer. They have to discuss what Yama’s role will be while her mother is still creator. Their small tribe isn’t rich enough for her to relax and settle like she rightfully should, and it she’ll have to work at something until they are more prosperous.03-29-16_7-19-49 PM.png

She’s creative, so they decide she should document the beauty of their growing family. She’s the first Scholar of the family and her art will glorify her mother Kai’s role in the Cal’Dasha03-29-16_7-20-52 PM.png

She’s growing and her beauty inspires an embarrassing moment with her biological brother, the tribal son Kin. She decides that she’s more merciful than the laws of her community would allow of her, she spares her brother. But if her mother finds out that this has happened, she’ll pay as well as her brother. It was only a slight misstep, Kin stepped into the women’s bath to sanitize the sacred throne and she happened to be in there. She keeps his secret, knowing he will not be spared just based on his relations to Kai. He knows not what she has done for him.03-29-16_7-30-51 PM.png

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