The next generation


-Luna telling Fai about this mysterious “technology”. She saw a magic box with magic tiny people inside of it fighting each other and voting each other out of the tiny magic box and it was hilariousAva.png

Introcuding: Ava Cal’Dasha, one of the lil lady twins that Alei birthed. She’s sweet and will provide for the future children of the Cal’Dasha. She screeches away on her violin while her sister Yuuna challenges the older women to game after game of chess. She’s terrible, she loses alot.

yuuna shaman 2.png

But she’s wise. And Fai has decided she will be the Shaman of the tribe. So she will enjoy childhood, then spend her future studying some of the mysteries that Luna has brought back from far away places.

fai old.png

Fai is getting older. She needs more rest and she is less interested in the findings of her daughter Luna. She prepares to meet her maker, the High Mountain Goddess, and hopes she has done well by Yama, who will have to lead after she’s gone. But for now she’s still here and everyone better quiet down, damn it! I’m trying to meditate!




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