Love and babies

Fai sits down with Yama, the tribe has grown to a considerable size and she trusts that Yama could lead a household of her own. That way she could have wee little Cal’Dasha babies too. It’s time for Yama to move to a new lot.


It’s not a bad idea. Even Luna has started thinking about the idea of babies and having one with a certain somebody. (I actually don’t know if sims can get pregnant by the Grim Reaper yet but I’m gonna try and see what happens hahaha)


She met Grim while one some of her travels, obviously he’d been by the camp a few times so she knew who he was. But she’d never been alone with a man before.


She’s really only been on 3 or 4 trips so far, but she’s brought back knowledge that the tribe needed and her mother is grateful. She knows that if Yama starts her own household then both her daughters could have the blessing of the High Mountain Goddess and maybe babies.

Yama gets on with building her new home and attempting to get with her slave – Yar. She’s always been her mother’s pretty flower and Yar isn’t the only man to eye her up in her formal gear, so she has a successful first attempt.yama new tribe.png

But she won’t be in her new home for long. She gets word from the tribeswomen that Fai has passed of old age.


fai dies.png

It’s not unexpected. She had been preparing. She thought she’d have longer to let Yama get set up before she’d have to come back and take control of the tribe but there’s nothing to be done. She had just started the underground catacombs.


It wasn’t complete yet and now the women would have to scramble to finish her wishes. A sacred place for her and her gals. No boys club for the dead.

Luna can’t help but like to see Grim but I did some internet reading and found out it’s useless. But the blog I read to find out whether I should pursue this or not was a pretty good read : My Quest to Seduce the Grim Reaper

So there won’t be no baby grims. Luna hugs her first love goodbye and focuses on the tribe again. She’ll have to fill the house with babies now that her mother is gone.


The catacombs where Fai rests.

04-17-16_7-57-43 PM.png

So as arrangements are being made, there’s also the twins to consider. It’s their birthday and the Cal’Dasha’s have a little celebration for them. There isn’t a whole lot of partying considering it’s the same day as Fai’s death, everyone just eats cake sadly. But Yama will move back in, Alei is too old to take over the next camp so Luna will have to for now. Yuuna is working on being the Shaman and Ava will take care of all the children.


Yuuna the spunky shaman. And her sister Ava the sweet baby lover.

ava teen.png




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