Feeling the burn

Next Rising Star Challenge Round 3 was to make an add. Since Chaz allegedly burned her cheating boyfriend’s house down Diesel approaches her about doing a perfume called ‘Passion’ and there are flames in the add. Since I had that tutorial from Kelebek (one of the other editors on the forum) I did a better job than I had in other entries (which is good cause I got a really low score for my chaz at the station entry *sadface*) I hope anyway. But this was hard! I wanted to add this bottle to the add but it wouldn’t work for some reason: steal this perfume It says burger king. I was going to go for a Flame Grilled or broiled thing and have it be funny but that goes out the window. Also I couldn’t get a real logo from the internet to work: revlon 3.jpgThat’s sad for me too. But I could just use the text thingy in gimp to make diesel cause it’s not weird font or something. I edited Chaz’s eyes to be more red but i don’t know if anyone will notice. Maybe? Here’s the original shot from the photoshoot: 04-18-16_11-56-38 PM.png

So if you look at her eyes maybe? I also added a fun little filter using picmonkey so it might look a little redder? Not sure yet. I haven’t compared them right next to each other yet. Also don’t tell the judges that I tried to accentuate her lovely lady lumps and it kinda looks like chest hair instead. Oops. diesel passion2.png

That’s before filter on pic monkey (yah, maybe redder eyes. Also kinda funny boobies if you look too closely) diesel passion FINAL.jpg

This is the final. Maybe less red eyes, but even more hairy chest haha


Also the hilarious perfume bottle looks like an old lady perfume. Which actually tickles me in the right way. Her hand ended up so much whiter but I had no idea how to change that after the fact. They can kiss my butt she looks great!


Other bottles I tried to use to no success:new bottle 2new bottle.jpg

Too bad they’re also hilarious!


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