Work in progress

new tribester3

Yama has someone move into the new household. Katni Cal’Dasha will be helping gather and then can take over if Alei follows Fai. Alei is now the eldest member of the tribe and with two camps and growing bellies there will be lots of fruits and veggies needed.

alei elder.png

04-20-16_12-17-39 PM.png

Yama’s belly is the one that is currently growing. She takes over her mother’s sleeping quarters and the leadership of the tribe. She’s a good candidate anyway even if she wasn’t the oldest daughter. She brings in lots of money with her paintings, she has a close relationship with all the other women and she’s beautiful.

After Katni gets settled in with Luna she meets the tribe. Yama has some plans to help get their camp up on their feet. Big plans for the future of her ladies.

04-20-16_2-49-36 PM.png

As Yama sets things right, Luna gets to work. She meets a friendly old hermit in the woods (which made me happy because it’s the first time I’ve found the hermit’s house yaaaahhhssss)hermit.png

Yama traveled with her this time, and discovered the joys of living indoors. Nothing will ever be the same again!indoors.png

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