I’m having such a hard time with gimp. I’m not doing very well in my comps either. So I’m gonna work my way through this discussion – Beginner’s Editing Comp

I haven’t decided whether I’ll do the challenges or just read everything because I’m an adult and there are some very real things that have to take up my time haha like eating cleaning working you know.

But I’m just not getting much better and having the same problems over and over again so I’m going to work my way through it. I didn’t rate very well with Chaz or Dino in the last rounds and here’s the sad excuse of an entry I put in most recently: chaz busstop.png

She’s got lots of glow around her, she’s not crisp, and I know its something to do with the fuzz tool and the settings you pick for that but I haven’t figured out what settings are the best yet. And some of the other editors said the same thing on the forum. Everyone’s super sweet (except one tough judge, but he’s a butthead) so I’m not discouraged yet, but I’ve gotta straighten out my real life before I can sit down and spend enough time with this to get any better. Shucks.


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