The Pits

At the Cal’Dasha’s second location Yama has built a sacred pit to have her Sheba slaves sacrificed in. I started reading about building cool basements and didn’t realize you could open up the roof. Now that I’ve learned how I’m going hog wild I guess.04-27-16_6-15-14 PM.png

You can see a little bit of the entrance to the catacombs on the left side of the picture. It leads to the burial rooms for the women and a door that will lead to the pit for just the men to go through. I haven’t looked through to see if I can build some kind of secret door yet, so far there’s just no door. I’ll build it when it’s time to kill off some dude sims! It’ll show up right beside the big tan boulders on the left where there’s some space. I’ve had troubles figuring out the hidden objects before, but I think the problem is typing buy debug or buydebug rather than just debug.


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