Too Hard!!!

So in a moment of “oh em gee I can’t do this and be a real adult at the same time” I dropped out of my modeling comps. The hosts are real nice and said that I could still be in it if I want, I should think about it. But I’m not sure. But I found myself trying to do the challenge in the most recent round anyway. I haven’t decided that I’ll post it, cause I might not finish in time and I’m mostly just curious if I can do it at all… so here I am. I thought at least I can put it up here and show what I can or can’t do! Then I’m still doing something fun.

So she’s supposed to start a trend. And I picked the space pants that she got “caught leaving a crazy party” in. Whatever. I just wanted to kind of do something.

04-29-16_11-24-18 AM.png

First of all, I’ve been doing this on a white background the whole time! No wonder it was so hard! So now I’m trying it on a green background. Duh.

chaz in space pants.png Already it looks a lot crisper and cleaner. And I could use that fancy tool where you pick the color and I could delete it. AND I played around with the colors of the lights in the studio, in game. One of them I added some blue and then I used an orange one and dimmed it so that she’s a little warmer. I can tell the difference already. So I’m impressed with myself. I also figured out how to actually use the sim 3 camera (just press tab. Way to be the smartest person in the room fabtiffsim duh again) But either way, this all looks better than what I was doing before.

But now I gotta try and clean up her jagged edges and that isn’t working and I’m tired and frustrated and don’t know why it’s not working for me and grrrraaagghhh I have a job and responsibilities. Shucks.

So that’s what I’ve got. I might not enter the comp, and I might if I can actually figure it out in between job stuff. I’ve been following the tutorials that people send me or share links to, but when I go to smudge, erase or anything, nothing happens and I just can’t figure out why. It’s the problem I had with the last photo I tried –

tarzan final.pngShe’s got a white box I couldn’t get rid of and I can’t care more about this than I care about rent so I had to stop. Also he’s super fuzzy and not very clear. And it just sucks in general so I won’t be surprised if I lose completely.


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