Burning desires


There’s a fire at the second location and a Sheba son catches on fire and dies!

He’ll be buried but Yama is well aware that she won’t have to wait long for another to show up. She has a conversation with the new girl right away about making little Cal’Dasha’s with the next Sheba to walk onto their land.new girl.png

Yama’s arm goes right through her boobie!

Funny sim glitch I guess haha but I don’t have the energy or the will to edit anything haha plus it makes me giggle.


Katni the humble gardener is honored by Yama’s attentions. She hasn’t been around long enough to really be considered but other than Yama’s sister Luna, she’s the only woman of an age to produce offspring.katni.png She prepares with her formal outfits, her traditional face paint and approaches the new Sheba, Ko.ko.png

But Yama is off busy documenting the tribe’s conquests and victories. She can’t keep a close eye on Katni while she’s publishing her first book.


It’s hard to take care of everyone while she’s about ready to burst with another baby! If Katni can’t get the job done then Ava will. She’s not of age yet but she’s assigned the important task of making sure it happens while Yama is busy taking care of herself.convo2.png

It’s Ava’s job to provide for the children, but there’s only one (not including Yama’s growing belly). There needs to be more!

Her worries are unfounded.



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  1. “Yama’s arm goes right through her boobie!”

    Hate it when that happens! 😉

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