Luna taking comfort in the arms of a handsome Sheba. 05-08-16_7-51-45 PM

She’s been busy with the ladies. Yuuna is pregnant with a baby and Yama hadn’t told her to conceive yet. They could work through this but it just seemed like alot. She knew she herself hadn’t had a child yet, and should. She had some renovations done to the second location.

Just a romantic little bench area where you could have a private conversation with a handsome Sheba. It’s placement beside the pit is an important link between the conceiving of Cal’Dasha and the sacrifice of the Sheba. They are connected and the death of one can bless the birth of another. Maybe even alittle magical. It casts it late night spell and Katni finds she can’t sleep. She’s out in the garden under the moon and she can’t help herself.Katni lovestory.jpg

The call of the pit, the call from the moon! She wanders closer to have a peak and finds herself entering the slave quarters to meet Ko.katni lovestory2.jpg

She has no idea he’s just come from Luna’s sleep quarters. katni lovestory 3.jpg

Ko is handsome and gentle because he’s lived at the maternity camp for his entire Sheba life and been surrounded by strong women. Katni has not met any other man but she feels a tenderness that isn’t allowed and wants another baby.



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