The Circle of Life

catacomb walk.png

Luna has decided that it’s time for her Sheba slave to take the long walk down in the catacombs. He’s fathered children for the Cal’Dasha and that is wonderful and all, but he can’t stay. And she needs more women, the last two children born were males. She knows the High Mountain Goddess must be unhappy otherwise why would She send only male children while Luna is the creator? She likes her current place and isn’t looking forward to relinquishing her throne.05-13-16_12-50-48 PM.png

Yar Sheba has fathered Jasmin who is the true heiress and Luna hopes she’s pregnant with his child too, but she can’t keep him here on Fell’Dasha mountain. So she leaves him in the pit.luna in catacombs.jpg

As she heads back up to the main camp she has to pass through the Room of the Dead where the deceased women rest. A chill passes through her.yar pit.png

She sits by the pit and contemplates her actions as Yar Sheba waits for the Grim.


Katni is munching on a baked potato. Her second of the day. She realizes… have I been eating more lately?katni preg2.png

Yup! You guessed it you smarty pants, she’s prego again. Good ol’ Ko got her knocked up with her second child. She must tell Luna.


Luna welcomes this good news. Ko is of no importance to her, just her gals. Katni is relieved. Luna hopes that more girls will be born while she’s in charge and that she can be remembered as a great leader. She decides that the women will be allowed to use the Sheba as they see fit, if they need comforting from a man’s embrace after a long day in the garden, who is she to tell them not to? They are noble and beautiful and the Sheba will worship them.Jasmin.jpg

Luna better stay likable because Jasmin is a smart young girl, who is close to her sister and the Provider Ava. Ava’s father was Kin Sheba, one of Fai’s sons. Her mother was Alei who held a high standing in the tribe. Also Ava’s twin is Yuuna, the Shaman, so her opinion will be important to the women. So far she feels good about Luna’s leading the tribe, because young Jasmin has so much growing up to do.

But as the provider her main concern is the children and pregnant women of Cal’Dasha and she’s pleased to learn that Luna is expecting!luna preg.png

The maternity camp is full right now! The tribe has been blessed with so many lil Cal’Dasha rugrats that there isn’t any room for the Creator! Ava tells Luna that Jasmin is about to have her birthday and become a teen, she could go to the main camp where she would learn the ways of being a Creator!jasmin growed up.jpg

Luna agrees but is secretly not pleased. She knew that Jasmin would grow up, it’s inevitable, but dang. Now she’ll be hiding away at the maternity camp with the children instead of ruling the roost.mad luna.jpg



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