The Heiress

Something strange is happening with my game… babies are born, it tells me the gender and then when they age up to a child, it’s the opposite…? I don’t know if maybe I’m remembering wrong or something hahaha but it happened twice in a row. So now my boy has a name I was picking out for a girl and one girl has a name I wanted for a boy haha not a big deal, but I think the boy’s name is some other language for sister hahaha

So this is Nurrin, who I think I named thinking that she was a boy for some reason haha oh well it works!


She’s a loner and enjoys the catacombs where there is a bookcase. She’s pretty happy to stay cool under ground and keep to herself.

She has a half brother, Hallam. Katni has given birth to a boy, both from the same father, Ko Sheba. Hallam.png

Ava lets Luna know about Katni’s birth the next morning.talks.jpg

Two baby boys. Same mother and father. But the Sheba slave Ko has given Yuuna a beautiful little girl, why hasn’t he given Katni a girl? She decides he better be given to the Goddess. But first Ava who hasn’t had any children yet should visit him in the garden in her formal clothes and prepare for the blessed ritual. She’s allowed the women to be a little less formal about their visits with the Sheba, but she can’t take any risks. She needs more girls and she needs them to love her. Ava lovestory.jpg

So Ava gets to work. Ko at this point is familiar with women’s advances towards him and responded quickly. He was aware of a Sheba sitting in a pit at the other location and he hoped to make a baby girl.

The Sheba don’t interact with the babies, when their little boys they stop interacting with the women and can only interact with other Sheba until it’s go time. The women only interact with each other until baby making time.

The next morning Luna gave birth to a boy as well. Not good. She heads back to the main camp to see if her Sheba in the pits has been taken yet.sad luna.png

Here she consults with Yuuna. Why is Yar Sheba not dead yet? Why was she given a son? She talks about her own body aging and the beautiful, young and able Jasmin. Yuuna must come up with some answers, because Luna kept her birthday a secret in hopes that no one would celebrate and pass the responsibility of the tribe over to Jasmin at the same time. She likes it at the top. She’s hungry for it now. She wants to be celebrated as a great leader not just the sister who took over for awhile. Yuuna prayers.jpg

Yuuna travels down to the Hall of the Dead to pray for Luna. She hopes to see the spirits and that they will tell her what they wish.sad yuuma.png

But her prayers go unnoticed. She was down there all night. And when she finally came back up for breakfast, watching the charming Jasmin under the stoic portrait of Fai, she had to admit she was having doubts. Maybe she and Luna had it all wrong?


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