The Cow Plant is dead

Katni celebrated a birthday, the days rolled on, they waited for the Sheba to die in the pits. But instead she finds someone else dead.05-18-16_3-20-26 PM.png

The Cowplant is dead! She runs to Luna upset.dead plants.png

Luna hears the news, absorbs it… keeps it quiet for a bit while contemplating. This can not be a good omen. She’s not openly trying to keep Jasmin from her rightful place, she’s just secretly hoping and wishing for it! She’s just having quiet conversations with the Shaman about it!

Katni went about her day and found Yuuma in the dining hall, where her mood wasn’t very good. The spoils of the birthday party hadn’t been cleaned up, the Sheba was still hanging on, and now there was Katni. A little freaked out, and a little gossipy. 05-18-16_3-40-42 PM.png

She mentions in passing the dead Cow Plant.

…Wait what? The Cow plant is dead? She must see this for herself.

05-18-16_3-47-18 PM.png

She is the first Shaman in the tribe, there has never been one before her to tell her what the signs mean. She listens to the wind, she listens to her heart.

No. This can’t be good. They are not following the High Mountain Goddess’s intended path. This can’t be right.05-18-16_3-56-34 PM.png

She finds Luna meditating and interrupts her. She tells her that the Cow Plant is dead and Luna tells her she already knows.

You know?! Then you must agree it’s time to honor Yama’s ghost by making Jasmin the Creator! Let’s go find her now!

Luna feels resistance in her whole body. She pulls back.

No she doesn’t think it’s what the High Goddess wants. Why would the High Mountain Goddess put the desire to lead in her heart if it wasn’t meant to be there? But Yuuna doesn’t want to hear it, she immediately calls a meeting of the women and lets them in on what’s happening.meeting.png

They gather over sacred green salad and she tells them that the Cow Plant is dead, and that she’s been praying and meditating like a crazy person trying to get a sign from anyone whether it was the High Goddess Herself, or one of the tribeswomen from before and she’s got nothing until now. She thinks this is the sign.


The Priestess of the High Mountain only wants Jasmin leading. And Yuuna was fool to let anyone else lead their great tribe. It was a mistake to let Luna step in, even if Jasmin was only a child when her great mother passed.meeting3.png

Jasmin is only a teen! And what are these tiger stripes? Paint?! Itch from a bug?! How is she to lead anyone to greatness when she’s just a soft little child?! Luna laughs! Yama was my sister, we shared the same mother, the great Fai! I’ll only lead until Jasmin is of age!

There’s a moment of tension. But Jasmin breaks it with a laugh.

jasmin laughing.png

Then she gets up and goes to bed. In the Creator sleeping quarters. And Luna climbs the stairs with the rest of the women to sleep in a single bed next to the tribe.

In the morning Jasmin is first to rise and she calls everyone to a meal of baked potato from the sacred green garden. Luna is the first to join and they have a few moments alone. Jasmin doesn’t yell, she doesn’t raise her voice. She simply tells Luna that she, Jasmin, is the leader of the tribe. It just is.morning meeting.jpg

Luna feels her age. Jasmin senses it in her, the shrinking bones, her greying hair… she might have lead this tribe to some glory in her day but Jasmin Cal’Dasha is the direct line from the Goddess.morning meeting 2

Luna steps down as leader. She sulks for a few minutes and everyone avoids her eye but it’s right. And the Goddess takes Yar Sheba that very same day.

yar dies.png


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