CC shoppin’

Trying to get my sheba to die and he’s taking his sweet time and I guess I’m bored. So I went CC shoppin’ today! And I found some AWESOME stuff linked to cool stories on the sims4 forums.History Lover’s blog is so great! Check out some of the crazy stuff she’s got there!

Around the Sims 4 also had some cool stuff for prehistoric stories and I downloaded so much from there as well! Look at this:05-18-16_2-41-21 PM.png

The tree is actually a stereo, it plays music! And the rock formation is a DANCEFLOOR!

05-18-16_2-44-13 PM.png

You can listen to the music, dance whatever with the tree. Danceoff’s on the dance floor, it’s crazy good. It’s crazy good!

And this is the childs monkey bars!!05-18-16_8-16-15 PM.png

05-18-16_8-19-54 PM.png

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