The Hall of Enlightenment

I’ve started building a library! My Cal’Dasha tribe needs a place to move forward in technology and education. Something to help bring them out of era that they’re in… there’s only so much money you can make farming and painting. 05-21-16_2-47-59 PM.png

This is one of the sides. I’m using those little railing things and they are NOT from the wall section in builds. They are not a fence. They’re an object that is about six of those little pillar things on each so I’m having to use Alt and place them INDIVIDUALLY around the whole building. Damn. But it looks so much better than everything else!!! It’s taking me forever.05-21-16_2-56-49 PM.png


Now the next thing I’m working on is the roof.cropped2.png

I like these ones cause they come all the way to the edge.05-21-16_4-16-49 PM.png

But you don’t need it to go all the way to the end so you get their weird half way roof thingy or05-21-16_4-18-03 PM.png

Aarrrgghhh Why??!!

I can’t make up my mind which is worse. 05-21-16_4-19-44 PM.png

Even if I fix the color it looks so dumb!

After a nice suggestion on the Sims forums I tried this:05-21-16_4-59-45 PM.png

Just some little fences and now it looks pretty good!

And you now what else though? I’ve never played with the friezes before and I really like them! They add so much to a build! I don’t know why I hadn’t ever tried it before, and they’re right there, it’s not even some secret thing that only really talented builders mod themselves or something!hall of enlightenment.jpg

Insides:05-21-16_4-34-24 PM.png05-21-16_4-35-03 PM.png

If there’s some way to change the roof (I think you could in sims 3 right?) then please tell me!!!

Nevermind I found a mod!

But I can’t figure out how to work it yet so I’ll let you know if I do 🙂

I also don’t have the gallery figured out yet… how to find the things I’ve shared and uploaded? Otherwise I would link you to it. One of these days I’ll figure out what the heck I’m doing.


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  1. Senna says:

    Beautiful build. 🙂

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