Sacred Waters


I’ve started a new build! I want to do something greek-ish but also with bushy, mossy scenery. Like it’s a wet, haunted kind of place. There’s not too much I can do about the sunshine during the day, and maybe that’s nice anyway, but I want you to feel like there could be generations of spirits there.05-22-16_1-13-07 PM.png

I hadn’t thought to add some crystals to it but seeing it in someone’s legacy story inspired me to find it in the hiddenobjects. It looks ok, I was hoping if I put a small candle right under them that it would light up a little more but whatevs. It’s still pretty and gives it an ethereal feel to the pools.05-22-16_1-37-10 PM.png

On the cliff side of the pool. I added a stump in the middle because my gals ain’t getting married, but I want them to be able to put a birthday cake there and have it still feel like an “offering” or something!

I’ve started working on the other side now:

There’s a court yard sort of situation on the one side now. I’ve used some cc from Around the Sims a beautiful tree that’s actually a stereo! So my sims can party down. 05-22-16_2-53-57 PM05-22-16_2-54-18 PM

I wanted everything to look a little overgrown, like it was a very happenin temple at some point but it’s been long forgotten or something cheesy like that.

I also started working on a basement where I could hide a real bathroom:

Sometimes I like to hide any technology so things can still have the appearance of being fun and old timey. But if I can find cool CC that hides it for me, then I’m stoked. But I haven’t found alot of bathroom stuff yet. Then as I was typing this I changed my mind on the bathroom, it would atleast be a tub not a shower so here’s the revision:

So next up I did some testing:

The bathtub didn’t quite work, there’s too much stuff in the way and I found a floating candle in the bathroom too haha but it’s close! If you’re looking for my stuff in the gallery my id is fabtiffsim so you can find me after I fix the tub haha!

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