Peace and Quiet

05-20-16_1-12-29 PM.png

Luna is not long for the world after her fall from grace. She is buried in her own place, with the dead Cow Plant, the omen that set Jasmin in her rightful place as Creator.05-20-16_1-14-59 PM.png

She’s the only one buried there! The rest of the Cal’Dasha women are in the catacombs below the sacred ground! But Jasmin will have no one question her authority ever again.

And life goes on for a bit with nothing special, the excitement never anything more than everyday things. Yuuna travels and chats with the hermit. Jasmin has her ladies travel

05-20-16_1-07-00 PM

to the Hall of Enlightenment where the game has some wacky ideas about where sims can and can’t go…05-21-16_6-33-10 PM.png

Why dey in der?

They’re obviously gonna die haha and I think one of them is a kid from the second location! The little dude over in the corner! So I’m gonna keep my eye on that. They shouldn’t be able to get in there, it’s all closed haha!

She’s a bookworm and has read about the progressive world outside of their sheltered camp. She knows the younger girls are more exposed to the outside world than the older women in the tribe. She wants everyone to see it for themselves and be inspired by all the wonderful things happening!

While there Yuuna spends some time with her daughter Nurrin, the fiesty red head.

And life goes on. Simple joys and trials happen without anything major happening.

Yuuna caught on fire and survived, and also celebrated a birthday at the Cliff Temples. She also got romantic with a Sheba.

This is the beautiful and creative Sierra, Jasmin’s younger sister. Jasmin has decided she’ll be the next gardener.sierra

Jasmin read about rocket science, the tribe helped me testplay a new build, The Sacred Waters.jasmin reads05-22-16_5-21-07 PM.pngJust lots of little things! Here’s Nurrin (Yuuna’s daughter) and Mila (Ava’s only child).Nurrin and Mila.pngkatni old.png

Katni’s now an elder as well, and she’s moved to the Maternity camp to live out her days in peace, but to also help set up their gardens. Nothing exciting. Just a wonderful time of peace!

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