Chaz’s new headshots

I’m sweating bullets waiting for the results of the competition! I loved that rolling stone cover!

But here’s the last results I got which was these pictures:

★★Franklin Chaz★★

Jojo Comments:
I have no idea how she would ever ever keep this hair up but how cool is the puffy hair? I mean wow that’s a hair do… I actually like the makeover pic heaps because she looks soooo beyonce actually … with her big boo-tee! Your cutting has improved immensely, and your pictures are getting better and better by the round. I’m glad your learning and feeling inspired in this contest! It’s starting to show. Great makeover, great efforts!

Guest Judge Comments:
I really like the make-over picture with Franklin in the spotlight, you could try adding a shadow because of the bright lights behind her would originally make a dark shadow. The before picture also has a chunk of her hair going through her chest. But I think you’ve done a good job.




But I’m sweating all those bullets about the rolling stone cover and I’m bursting.

Anyway I had to work on the next round and here’s what I was working on:


I liked this one but it has to be black and white and I realized too late that putting her on the green screen is dumb ahaha so I did it again:

I had to edit her hair off her arm and my first attempt is weird colors that I thought would be fine with black and white but it looked crazy. So I did the second one and left some hair on her arm.headshot 2.jpgSee?? All funny in the arm department. But too bad cause I did a good job editing her hair out of eye I thought headshot final.jpg

Yah I think the eye was better on the other one, but the hair and arm situation is better. And I like the signature haha

I think I’m getting better!!!!

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