The Forgotten Fort

I’ve started a new build! I was home sick a bunch this week so might as well right? It’s a castle-inspired bathroom essentially…. I wanted to do something with the ruins in Windenburg because they’re boring as all hell! So I’ve started this build with no CC but I don’t know how to get better pics on the gallery so I don’t think anyone is going to download it anyway *sadface*

So you can go hang out at your bonfire if you want, and you don’t have to pee in a bush. But there is a little arch so you can get married with the beautiful ruins in your wedding pics if you’re into a more rustic setting. My Cal’Dasha tribe is into a more rustic setting! I want it to feel like a long time ago kind of fantasy place! You can find the download here!

But the gallery pic isn’t good and i have no idea how to change that.. nope retract that. I found some more interesting downloads.

Univer Sims is a great creator who made a program that you can easily change your gallery pics. Mucho thanks. Go check out the stuff there!


One bad thing happened tho.

I turned off the cc/mods in my game options so I wouldn’t be tempted to use any while building my beautiful castle and when I went back to play Cal’Dasha, they didn’t have any of their cc, like their skin, hair, clothes, everything was just normal old EA stuff and I HATE EA stuff… so I’m gonna have a new lesson to learn tonight. How to go back to old saves. And then I can play them and post pics of them exploring the forgotten fort for you.

Nope. Been trying to figure out how the saves work with the help of an EA tutuorial and Ican’t. I tried for 25 min which is way too long to contribute to just a third gen family. So I’m gonna take them out, and restart Fai and start over. But first I’m gonna rebuild the entire community I think!

Either way, here is a nice sim to show you around the Forgotten Fort! 05-23-16_10-57-13 PM05-23-16_10-57-21 PM05-23-16_10-57-39 PM05-23-16_10-58-46 PM05-23-16_10-59-37 PM05-23-16_11-00-16 PM

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