I did it. I won. I’m so very happy and proud haha it’s ridiculous. I shouldn’t be so stoked about an online competition for a silly game but I am hahaha


So I get this cool signature for the forums! It’s been fun and frustrating to learn gimp but once I got a few basics down (that I don’t think were included in some of the tutorials I did, the really nice people on the forums gave me tips and helped me with the things I didn’t understand) then things got better and I can do some really fun stuff now I think.

The next challenge was a black and white head shot which I showed you and I’m just waiting on the results for that one. It should be soon.

Also I had a weird thing happen in my game and my CC got all fucked up and I couldn’t get back to a good save where I could play my tribe, but I’ve got Fai saved so I’m going to restart the tribe. I don’t mind because I like to build things up. But before I start I’m going to rebuild the world, I’m going to build all the community lots that they will need instead of using the beautiful stuff I’ve found in the gallery. I want to start sharing my builds and learning a few more tricks, and having a bigger presence in the gallery and on the forums.


So good times!

Sorry if you were following the tribe and are disappointed but I think this will be fun too!


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  1. Congratulations! 🙂 You deserve this win! 🙂


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