Shopping for the Cal’Dasha

I want to keep better track of where I’m finding stuff! Since I’ve had to start rebuilding my Cal’Dasha tribe, I might as well start this new tribe right. I’m looking for african tribe inspired cc, and I’ve also done some searching for african american hair. But I’ve also looked for ancient anything cc haha and found some GREAT stuff! Here’s some cool stuff I’ve found:

My Stuff  this amazing head wrap! I can’t quite figure out how to install it yet but I really hope I do… Similar to the one I used for Chazs head scarf in the Next Rising Star Challenge

Yahs I figured it out! Here she is Chaz in all her head scarf glory:06-03-16_1-26-24 PM.png

The African Sim has some beautiful stuff too! Another head wrap! Also I was convinced to join tumblr if you like that! 06-03-16_1-33-18 PM.png06-03-16_1-50-21 PM.png

Simblr in London incredible stuff here! I picked up some great hair and some wicked tatoos

06-03-16_1-37-07 PM.pnghaha that’s Chaz’s brother, I just made him to show the cool male hair, it’s dreads! I fuhkin love it.

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