The Quarry

I bin working on a new build! It’s called the Quarry obviously, and it’s like a swimming hole sorta whole situation.

It’s got a little bathroom with a grill on the roof so you don’t pee yourself or starve.05-29-16_3-55-50 PM

05-29-16_3-46-26 PM05-29-16_3-46-33 PM

I thought all the space wasn’t good, I should fill it. But while playing it, it’s kind of nice to have the space to roam, it doesn’t have to be filled right to the brim with stuff just for the sake of having that stuff. It’s space for cloud watching! Playing Tag! I dunno whatever you want!05-29-16_3-46-43 PM

It looks like maybe someone lived there before from the outside but it’s just a bathroom!

05-29-16_3-53-55 PM05-29-16_3-54-29 PM

That’s a waterfall that works! It’s that waterfall wall thingy.05-29-16_3-55-03 PM05-29-16_3-55-09 PMIt’s right in Oasis Springs so my tribes will be able to get to it without “traveling” far away. 05-29-16_3-56-08 PMAfter I did most of it, I added some more waterfall kind of stuff.

06-03-16_2-13-52 PM.png

They’re pretty fun too.

None of my stuff is showing up in the gallery because it keeps saying that it’s modded. I built this one without any mods because I want it to show up and have people see and like my stuff but I just can’t do things the way maxis wants me to I guess. I don’t know what’s in there that is modded but whatever. You can see it here!


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