CC Shoppin’ for Temple Malana

Mod The Sims Found some cute mexican-inspired floors/walls at mod the sims! Since I’m re-building Oasis Springs it could be inspired by this kind of decor for sure!06-05-16_7-09-21 PM(Temple Malana)06-05-16_7-23-46 PM(also Temple Malana) And here’s a shot of the wallpaper from the site:06-05-16_7-54-02 PMYou can only see it a little bit but I think that’s the best representation I have at the moment haha.

And uuuhhh this is so beautiful too! Around the Sims ! I used to get so many interesting things for sims 3 at this site, I’m so happy that they’ve got sims 4 stuff too! It’s making an appearance in my current WIP, a spa in a pyramid called Temple Malana

I found this: I’m not entirely sure who actually created all the stuff, but it’s gorgeous: Sims 4 Updates  I don’t think I’ve got it downloaded properly still testing.


I’m not the most technologically-sophisticated person in the world haha probably not even in this room (I’m alone. My pet bird is 2 feet from me. He’s probably better with computers than me.) So sometimes I’m trying to download something and get it to work in my game and I haven’t unzipped the file properly or something haha

Also I’ve just figured out how to check the comments on my posts haha so if you commented and didn’t see something back from me, that’s because I just learned how haha

Also I’ve joined tumblr  if you’re into that, but it’s mostly just linked back to here haha but if you are there and you’re simmin’ it up I’ll follow you back!


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