Fai Cal’Dasha – Rebirth. The Creation Story.

06-13-16_3-01-28 PM.png

It’s a dark starry night when Fai finds herself … well… alive. First there was nothing, suddenly there was Fai Cal’Dasha.

She knows what she is. She’s the creator. She knows where she’s from, the Heavens. She knows who her Mother is, the High Mountain Goddess and she knows what She wants her to do. Build her tribe, nurture her women, and fill Oasis Springs with Cal’Dasha blood.

06-13-16_3-03-02 PM.png

She finds herself on a lot with a fire pit, and she knows fire. It nourishes both her soul and her belly (when used to cook hotdogs)

First she’ll eat, then later she will dance and build. But for now she eats under a large rock. It’s not unpleasant. The rock has a little spot with fur where she can rest.06-13-16_3-13-28 PM.pngIn the morning she will begin.

06-13-16_3-16-26 PM.png

But before our beautiful creator could rise from her slumber a Sheba arrives.

06-13-16_4-24-26 PM.png

Taro Sheba is the first Sheba to the Cal’Dasha. Taro even means first. He’s a gentle man, with sadness in his heart for he knows his place in this world. He’s hear to lead the Sheba to be aware of their role in the Cal’Dasha. And it’s not one of long happy lives.06-13-16_4-32-24 PM.png

He starts writing it down immediately, the ways of the Sheba. He knows that his only role is to care for Cal’Dasha women, to give them babies, hopefully little girl babies. And he must be the first, and he must show their offspring the way.

The Sheba aren’t the same as the women. They are sacrificed in the hopes that the High Mountain Goddess will give the pregnant mother a girl. They cook, they clean, they garden, they build, they slave, and they don’t interact with the women outside of that.

It’s not long before he feels the pull from Fai. The nights are lonely, the days hard, and she wishes for him to lay down with her.06-13-16_4-49-51 PM.png

He wouldn’t refuse even if he could. She’s wise and beautiful and he loves her as any knight would their Queen.

And so far she is successful. It’s not long before the small camp is growing.06-13-16_5-10-39 PM.png




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  1. Love the intro, and I I think it’s so creative the way you made Fai an actual daughter to the Goddess! Can’t wait for more!


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