Cutest Couple Competition

New Comp!

The Cutest Couple

I have probably made a giant mistake by entering this comp because RL has been hectic. But Dang. It’s cute. And when I got the invite we may have been smoking some sticky icky and dancing to AC/DC which we hadn’t done since highschool and it was hilarious. Obviously I was in a good mood and pumped up about life/simming.

So here’s my entry form:

Simmer ID: FabTiffSim

Connor Emmett
Gender: male
Occupation: Semi-retired mixologist
Sim City town:Newcrest
Which sim are you in the photo? On the left in the blue shirt

Name of partner 2:Tuly Black
Gender: female
Occupation: Writing[n]
Sim City town:Newcrest
Which sim are you in the photo? On the right in the brown-ish pants

Are you dating, engaged, or married? Dating! Just started!
How did you meet? Online dating website
What makes you the ‘cutest couple’ ever? We have both finished raising our kids, working hard on careers, and are both newly single! We met online when our kids insisted we give it a try, no one likes to see old people get lonely, but we’re pretty happy we did! It was both of our first dates with someone we’d met online, and our first dates in a loooong time! But we really hit it off!

Tuly likes to make Connor laugh, and he’s the most romantic person Tuly has ever met!



It took me a really long time because I had to really hustle at work for the past few months and this past week and a half were especially nutty. But I got some free time now! And they’re pretty cute I think! Wish me luck!


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