Making an Heiress

06-27-16_12-58-58 PM.pngBy the light of the campfire Fai writes down her memories. She has very small scraps of from her life “before” she was Fai on the Earth. Before she woke up on Dasha Mountain. But it must be important so she writes it down in a little notebook.

It’s important to pass on her knowledge, especially in the morning when she feels her belly stretch forward and outward. 06-27-16_1-09-36 PM.pngThere’s not much hiding in her traditional tribal wear. And Taro notices immediately. He’s well acquainted with the Creator’s body.

06-27-16_1-13-46 PM.pngHe also captures his thoughts in a little notebook. “A Brief description of Taro Sheba” the father of the future. He isn’t as well informed on the subject of where he came from but he feels like he knows as little as he needs to and that is all a Sheba needs. He feels responsible for setting the rules for the Sheba, so they will all know their place in the tribe.

He understands that the love he feels for Fai is different than what she must feel for him. But there’s no one else to keep her company so he does. And he does it happily.06-27-16_1-35-11 PM.png

Late one night Fai gives birth to a baby boy. Baby 1

Kasim Sheba. A boy. Fai is super disappointed. Actually she can barely contain her disappointment. 06-27-16_4-38-40 PM

And Taro noticed. He felt terrible that she was upset, but he secretly loved the little boy. He was happy and frisky after the little baby was born…

One thing quickly lead to another. And it took no time for Fai to be blessed with a child again!preg 2.jpgShe couldn’t be upset with a second pregnancy so close to the first one! She really wanted this to be a girl! And the Goddess was good to her this time!

06-28-16_12-06-50 PM.png

Perdanna Cal’Dasha was born on the sunny afternoon and Fai was ecstatic! Perdanna.jpgPerdanna’s beautiful dark skin was strong like Fai’s love for the baby girl. Her little stone bed was moved into the Creator’s sleep cave and they would stay close together.perdanna 2She had Taro’s dark skin and eyes and he would’ve been proud if Fai let him anywhere near the tiny baby. But he follows her rules. Of course he does. So does young Kasim who is a boy child now. He spends his day chatting with his father and cloudgazing, waiting until he’s old enough to do the chores around the camp. Or for a new Cal’Dasha woman to appear over the hill…


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