Fresh, Green and Flourishing

06-29-16_2-01-13 PM.png

The day starts off with some smelly and hungry Cal’Dasha. It’s still pretty labor intensive around the camp, lots of gardening, digging, building wood furniture and eating by the campfire.

06-29-16_2-51-45 PM.png

So far Kasim is happy to help clean up with Taro and stay away from the mysterious baby crying in the Creator’s rock cave. Taro says that this is the Heiress and that she is very special to the Creator. He has told the boy that he and the Creator are technically his parents but that it isn’t to be thought of that way. Perdanna isn’t supposed to be thought of as his sister, she’s the Heiress. She is very special. She will have a different role than young Kasim will have. She will lead the future generations to greatness!06-29-16_2-58-21 PM.pngHe tells Kasim that he does have a special role in the tribe, different from the Heiress’s destiny. Some day there will be a new Cal’Dasha. She will appear one day, just walk right over the hill and suddenly just… be. She will be beautiful, and the Creator will decide what she is to do in the tribe. But she will have to make a baby. And she will have to make that baby with Kasim.


06-29-16_3-01-39 PM.pngKasim is clearly too young to grasp what Taro is telling him. He doesn’t understand where babies come from yet. But he knows that his role is crucial in passing Fai’s genes and bloodline along to the next generation. And that’s fine for now. One day Taro will have to explain but not today.


06-29-16_3-06-04 PM.pngFai puts tiny Perdanna down for some sleep. She’s been finding some new plants near the site and needs to bathe herself. It’s hard to be away from the little girl but she must help with some of the chores around the camp still. New member.jpg

Its on her way to bed that she glances over her shoulder and walking over the hill in the early moonlight she sees her…


Like a luminous spirit in the dark, her eyes the cool green of the great glowing fruit against the dim mountains behind her. No recollection of where she came from. No knowledge of anything but her undying sisterhood to Fai. And maybe a love of all things growing from the ground…

Raanan is famished. The walk from The High Mountain is a long one. She plops herself down for a veggie hotdog and contemplates her new home.ra.jpg



3 Comments Add yours

  1. lisabeesims says:

    Kasim is so adorable


  2. whereverplausible says:

    Great story! I love the look of Fai and Ranaan, they are beautiful!


    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Thanks! I guess I’m inspired by too many different cultures ha!


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