Small Children

It’s early in the morning. Raanan is awake eating breakfast quietly by herself.07-02-16_2-55-06 PM.pngShe’s settled in nicely. She and Fai were fast friends and she loved to help out in the garden. But on this particular morning there’s movement in the women’s sleeping quarters. Out walks a little girl, it’s Perdanna. She’s got lovely long hair and deep dark eyes. She sits down quietly and starts to make herself something to eat.07-02-16_2-55-43 PM.pngFai sits down too. This is a blessed day that came upon her and the tribe suddenly, and she thinks on it while making herself a hotdog.07-02-16_3-00-14 PM.pngHer little Heiress is one step closer to being a woman and they can’t just eat cheap roasted meats, she must take them out into the world today and celebrate somewhere special.


She takes them to the Quarry.

07-02-16_3-08-53 PM.png

Raanan and Perdanna have never been anywhere other than their camp! This place is a wonder with it’s sacred waters and it’s raining woman of stone. They have a wonderful day together.

The girls swim, eat grilled fruit, (quite an experience after a life of wieners over a fire…) and laugh! But as little Perdanna sits munching on lunch she sees something strange…07-02-16_3-19-19 PM.pngOther children. She doesn’t even have any contact with the young boy that is called Kasim at the camp so this is a strange sight indeed. They wear different clothes, they speak with different words, they shout, jump, and most importantly, there are so many of them.

07-02-16_3-15-20 PM.pngShe dreams of playing with them too.

At home they rest from their big day, but Perdanna still finds time to ask her mother about the children. Fai sees a sense of adventure in her daughter! A curiosity that must be a gift from the Goddess of the High Mountain. 07-02-16_3-47-12 PM

She explains that there are other children, just like Kasim, and they go to school like Kasim. She will send Perdanna to this school where she will learn things of the modern world that maybe even the Goddess doesn’t know about, because she didn’t teach Fai these things. Maybe this is Perdanna’s role in the tribe, to find knowledge that they don’t have!

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  1. lisabeesims says:

    Lovely screenshots

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  2. Keep ’em coming, this is great! Your Sims are incredible. I love your photography!


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