Kasim builds The Pit

Raanan loved the kids. She spent much time talking to them. It was important to know Perdanna if she would reign some day. She took a liking to Kasim right away and Fai didn’t mind their friendship. They would have duties to perform some day. And the little Sheba didn’t have any other little Sheba’s to talk to. Their friendship lasted even into his teens.Kasim07-02-16_5-54-48 PMHe quietly performed his Sheba duties and was starting to have a better understanding of what would be expected of him. It was the time to wonder about these kinds of things because the beauty Fai showed a little baby bump! 07-02-16_7-06-54 PM.pngHe was also involved in some construction below the grounds of the camp. Fai asked him and Taro to start building the stone walls and floors and he didn’t ask any questions. When it was finished Fai took Taro for a tour. She was large with her third child, and Kasim’s next birthday was looming heavy over the camp.

07-03-16_3-29-54 PM.pngStone staircases would lead you to a door under the play trees –07-03-16_3-31-21 PM.pngAnd a long stone hallway would lead you to the pit. He knew this, he helped build it. The hallway took you to a little room with a view of the sky.

The Pit had been dug. And it meant one thing. Sheba could now be sacrificed to the Goddess of the High Mountain.

Fai hadn’t said anything else about it yet. Not that Kasim knew about. Taro just told him not to worry about it. It was their destiny, their honor, and their duty. When it was time for either of them to visit The Pit it would be a good thing for their tribe.


Fai didn’t think The Pit was finished. That’s why no one lived down there yet. She had grand plans for The Pit. Her Sheba would be sacrificed in a glorious fashion. Not just a cave. That’s why no one lived in The Pit yet.


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