Lessons of Perdanna

The many lessons of Perdanna

Not only did Perdanna get to go to school and meet sims that weren’t a part of her tribe, she got to travel too.

The heat of Temple Malana where she met interesting sims.07-02-16_5-15-49 PMShe got to see her mother’s belly grow with a baby – 07-03-16_1-40-12 PM.png the baby turned out to be a boy, Varro, so he disappeared into the men’s sleeping chambers and she didn’t see him very much after that. So she quickly learned the Sheba lessons.

She ages up and flexes her growing Heiress muscles. She convinces her Mom that other sims at school dress very different from the tribe. It’s not so… revealing I guess?

She only gets her mother to budge on tradition a little. She is allowed shoes.

shoes.jpgShe wore a shirt instead of  the usual custom.perdanna teen.jpg Her closeness to her Mother Creator came in handy when she needed to get her way. 07-05-16_9-02-57 PM.pngBut it was good for the tribe! She was seeking knowledge at this school and finally of an age that she could really make some use of it! She wanted Fai to bring the family to a library where she could introduce them to reading! All the things they could learn from books would be incredibly useful. Fai smiled to herself thinking of her bright daughter, explained that Raanan was busy in the gardens but Perdanna was encouraged to read to her heart’s content. 07-05-16_9-21-40 PM.pngShe witnessed the first sacrifice.

Taro was finally lead to the pits on a sunny morning.

But what Perdanna took from the experience was her Creator’s strength. This man had given her three children, one of which was going to rule over the next generation. She must feel something in her heart. He was the first companion she had had on the camp. The Goddess had sent this Sheba specifically to her. And she had built a beautiful pit for him to lay his body down in.



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  1. lisabeesims says:

    Goodness Perdanna is beautiful

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Yah genetics worked in her favor this time I think!

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  2. whereverplausible says:

    Very beautiful, wow! She is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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  3. Perdanna is stunning! Your DNA mixed quite well for the little bookworm!

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