She must have a girl…

07-06-16_2-38-05 AM.pngOne beautiful day on the mountain Kasim ages up. There is no celebration for a Sheba. But he is immediately sought after by Raanan.She has waited a long time to conceive a child and he is the Sheba for her. It didn’t take much seduction, they’ve been allowed to be friends his whole life. And Raanan is a beautiful woman. It is his honor to give her a child.

And she’s not the only one! Taro is still alive in the pits and Fai is starting to show a baby bump! It’s wonderful news for the tribe!07-06-16_2-43-25 AM.png

And she has high hopes that it will be a girl because Taro finally passes. She alone walks down the narrow and dark halls of the catacombs, and she alone enters The Pit. She does have a quiet prayer to the Goddess for Taro. The beautiful man who gave her many babies. This is a good sign! She releases his fair soul to the Goddess and The Pit fills with all kinds of striking colors.

07-06-16_11-05-06 AM.png

This was a real gift she thinks to herself. The Goddess will be pleased.

It’s the next day that she gives birth to twin baby boys.

07-06-16_11-52-13 AM.png

07-09-16_4-17-31 PM.png

Destin and Paolo.

And they were difficult babies too, keeping Kasim and Varro awake at night with loud cries, fussy, and unfriendly little babies… but they grow into strong boys under Kasim’s care. The camp is full of young boys and Fai is worried. She isn’t young anymore, she’s not going to have such an easy time with pregnancy anymore. Also there isn’t a Sheba for her. Did she anger the Goddess?07-09-16_4-58-01 PM.pngShe travels with Raanan to Temple Malana to pray. Raanan slips away to throw a coin in the fountain, praying that she can have a girl and not anger Fai further.fai.jpg

She must have a girl.


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  1. lisabeesims says:

    I have heard that the rare strawberry plant give a girl if consumed lol perhaps she needs to go on a quest … Lol

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