Birth of the Slave Quarters

After Fai’s twins aged up to be children and Fai was quite upset with herself, she took Raanan to Temple Malana where they enjoyed some relaxation.

The views of the mountains are incredible and the women can feel the Goddess of the High Mountains with them. They must not give up. Raanan could have a baby girl. Soon Perdanna will age up, and Fai wasn’t too old. Maybe a Sheba will walk over the hill and join them soon?


It wasn’t long after that Raanan went into labour. It was night time. Fai was asleep, pooped from a long day of celebrating Perdanna’s birthday! No one wanted to wake her.

But in the morning, she was informed that Raanan was hiding in her bed, the women’s toilet had been broken all night, she’d had an accident because of it. And she’d given birth to twin boys.07-09-16_5-56-38 PM.pngShe’s angry.

Why didn’t Kasim fix the toilet immediately? Why was he giving her Cal’Dasha baby boys?07-09-16_6-00-07 PM.pngShe storms off to find him just now finally getting to the broken toilet. She yells at him. Just quick, short, and angry. Nothing more. This is not acceptable Kasim.

She leaves him to it, finds her breakfast and calms down.

Here’s some pics of Perdanna’s party at The Sacred Waters! She’s now a YA!

CAMEO: Fai challenges Prana Shaan to a dance battle haha!

There were many ghosts of Cal’Dasha at this party for some reason. Fai had felt like it was a special gift from the Goddess but when she woke to the news of twin boys she knew she had gone wrong somewhere.07-12-16_11-32-57 AM.pngShe’s deep in thought when inspiration finds her. She’s watching three little boys run around and can hear the howls of 2 baby boys so it’s not like it was divine intervention kind of inspiration. More likely lack of sleep and frayed nerves. She needs to build slave quarters. A new place for the Sheba to live where all the boys can live with Sheba to raise them and she can come pick them as needed. Maybe even pick the best of the litter for her women. 07-12-16_11-41-33 AM.pngHer head is pounding from all male sounds. She summons the women over and asks their opinions. Perdanna thinks it’s great. Maybe it will even bring more Sheba’s from the Goddess, and of course Raanan agrees but can’t help but feel the shame of birthing those boys.

So Fai gets to work having the Slave Quarters built.


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  1. lisabeesims says:

    Love your pretty screenies .. and you lady simmies are wonderful!

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