The Cal’Sheba

Fai spends some time on a new lot she’s purchased. The Sheba are quick to carry out her plans and she builds a magnificent home for them. It includes the Slave Market but I’ll reveal those pics later 😉

It’s very tall and grand, and she feels like she’s not dishonoring her Sheba. They can dance and eat and socialize with each other to their heart’s content.

Inside the actual halls of the Cal’Sheba aren’t open to the women. It’ll only be for the Sheba.

It has magnificent views of the High Mountain. The furnishings are spare. There isn’t alot of sound in this holy place. The walls are high and echo whenever anyone walks through the front door.


The posts on the side are like a pathway to a back courtyard where the Sheba can socialize or feed the Cal’Dasha if need be. Upstairs is the workout room where they will be expected to be honoring Fai by working on their bodies. 07-12-16_8-20-10 PM.pngFai is pleased with herself. She has been successful in her endeavors involving money and can bring glory to The Goddess by providing this beautiful building in name. The Cal’Sheba is a wonderful addition to her kingdom.


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  1. lisabeesims says:

    It certainly is a fab build!

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