Cal’Dasha hearts

07-20-16_1-01-31 PM.pngFai enjoys a meal at the Cal’Sheba. She stays for a short time to help get it set up. Her ladies will be fine at her camp. She hunts for collectibles and finds plants for the Sheba’s garden. She won’t tend it herself, but they shouldn’t leave the lot so she found some plants for them. The boys enjoyed roaming around their new home not worrying about disturbing the women and could improve their own skills. 07-20-16_1-18-31 PM.pngThey still worked very hard though haha

She enjoyed the area, it was gorgeous. But there were other sims in the area, sims that didn’t share the same beliefs as her tribe.07-20-16_1-23-56 PM.pngShe worried about this as she cast a line out. Her daughter and Heiress had attended “school” where she learned many things and was influenced by many other sims. She knew Perdanna had a good head on her shoulders and wouldn’t abandon their traditions completely. Maybe progress was something the Goddess wanted them to observe?07-20-16_1-29-00 PM.pngShe has a few books published about the Cal’Dasha so maybe she’s not so against this thing, “progress”.

She returns home exhausted. 07-20-16_1-56-58 PM.pngThe camp is a little disheveled without a Sheba but not too bad. She needs to sleep in her own cave and replenish her powers. 07-20-16_1-58-42 PM.png

There is much work to do still. No rest for the wicked I guess. But things quickly get back to normal, and as Fai contemplates the way the light of the moon lights up her Pit Gardens something appears…07-20-16_2-07-18 PM.png

Great Good Goddess of the Highest of Mountains…


uuuhhhh…07-20-16_2-42-02 PM.pngHe’s got everyone’s attention…


(sorry there’s some wacky hair stuff going on with Perdanna’s pose haha but her face was too cute for me to bother changing it 😀 )

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  1. whereverplausible says:

    haha, great last shot. Watch out, ladies!

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  2. lisabeesims says:

    Your screenies are always stunning

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  3. Lol, the last screen. That was my face exactly too!


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