A visit to the Lake House

Fai has a little work done to the main camp07-27-16_3-41-26 PM.pngOne of the new additions is a prayer room. Raanan finds herself in there praying to make a baby girl with the new Sheba. She doesn’t want to disappoint fai again.


Also a new wing has been added in the catacombs. 07-27-16_3-48-50 PM.pngA secret gym in the catacombs for the beautiful Sheba to work on his form.

Things are going well for her tribe in terms of finances. She takes the women to the woods. They can afford to leave the camp in the hands of the new Sheba, and he’s making all the women nutty anyway. Fai wants him for herself haha She needs them all to cool off a little before she can get him alone.07-29-16_2-52-44 PM07-29-16_2-55-25 PMThe girls got some much deserved quiet time and relaxation at The Lake House.

It was beautiful and restful. Fai visits the Wishing Well and even makes some money!

07-29-16_4-19-25 PM.pngThey had a wonderful time. 07-29-16_4-29-25 PM.png



2 Comments Add yours

  1. hemera123 says:

    I loved the prayer room! It sounds like that the new Sheba could cause some drama! Raanan is praying for a girl with him and Fai wants to keep him herself.


  2. lisabeesims says:

    Such fun .. Glad they had a good time at the lake house

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