Big Love

08-04-16_6-08-30 PM.pngPregnant, hot and a little cranky, Fai and Perdanna head over to the Cal’Sheba. She wants to see a grandbaby and there’s only one way to get one of those…

08-04-16_6-14-37 PM.pngShe summons Kasim and Varro to the Slave Market, a grand room with impressively tall walls. More impressive than the Sheba. 08-04-16_6-15-37 PM.pngKasim is no longer a YA, and should have been sacrificed already!08-04-16_6-34-03 PM08-04-16_6-34-12 PMAnd Varro is ugly!! He’s just a teen but Fai doesn’t want to pass on his ugly genes anyway…08-04-16_6-40-34 PM.pngNo. This will not do. She summons Destin and Paolo next.08-04-16_6-45-41 PM.pngAnd apparently a ghost. Get out of here ghost.

Destin with the tall dreads is ok. His chin is pretty sharp. He’s fairly slim. But Paolo? No way hose. Not with that mug. They’re both teens, so maybe they’ll grow into their faces but Fai isn’t hopeful. No one worthy of her beautiful daughter. She’s stunning, intelligent and so strong! She needs to pass on these wonderful traits and ensure a long line of Cal’Dasha.

It doesn’t matter. All of these men are related to Perdanna anyway. But still. How did she make such ugly men and such a beautiful woman?08-04-16_6-56-13 PM.pngThere is only one worthy Sheba in her tribe. One she has already bedded. She doesn’t want to see it. She decides to stay at the Cal’Sheba while this turn of events takes place. Her daughter will have to go home and make a child with Ayaki. He’s beautiful and a Sheba. It is his honor and his duty to follow her orders. 08-04-16_7-04-11 PM.pngPerdanna goes home and puts on her formals. She tracks down Ayaki by the gardens and awkwardly walks over to him to say hi. She’s unsure of herself, and glad her mother isn’t here to see her moment of weakness. But dang. He’s a hottie so who could really blame her?08-04-16_7-10-46 PM.png She comes back around though. And she gets the job done too. Now to wait for any signs from the High Goddess. She’s nervous and eager to please her mother.


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  1. lisabeesims says:

    Your screenies are breathtaking

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Thanks! You’re giving me a big confident head with all these compliments!

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      1. lisabeesims says:

        Lol … Well kudos where kudos are due is what I say

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