Events of the Night

08-04-16_11-42-08 PM.pngFai was still at Cal’Sheba, pissy. Tired. The boys were noisy in their chores and she missed her serene cave. She couldn’t deny  that the thought of her cave and what probably happened in it was also irritating her.She throws a little tantrum by herself in the yard, away from her Sheba. She knew what was more important though. Her tribe was more important than her personal feelings.

She was using her time spent at Cal’Sheba productively though… she made over some of the men.08-05-16_9-21-56 AM.pngTo hide Varro’s beastly mouth she had him grow a beard. Most ended up with more facial hair. All were encouraged to spend more time at the gym honoring their bodies. It didn’t matter. Fai had had enough of this place. She was lonely for her girls. She had stayed long enough to see Raanan’s twins age up into teens and they were not as disappointing as her own sons, so she headed home with Kasim in tow. She’d allow him one more night with Raanan to produce a baby girl and then she’d allow him the honor entering the Pit.

She arrives home and is greeted by her beloved girls! She had missed them greatly! 08-05-16_12-43-55 PM.png She’s excited to find Perdanna with child!! Success!

She leaves out the part where she was jealous of sharing the beautiful Sheba. Her daughter is worthy of this man and this is the way of the Cal’Dasha.grand baby.jpg She’s radiant with her growing belly! Her slim build might deceive an outsider into thinking she isn’t as strong as she is. But Fai knows the mighty stature of her daughter is not to be questioned. She is proud and happy.

They discuss Kasim and Raanan as well.raanan3.jpg She is very happy to see Kasim again, and excited to try for a new baby. She’s close in age to Fai and doesn’t want to miss her opportunity to be an honorable mother to a little girl.

They finish their discussion and return to work. They day goes by as normal but with the ascending moon Fai feels the pull… it draws her eyes to hill…

Prana Cal'Dasha

Prana Cal’Dasha walks over the hill. But it’s not the only thing pulling Fai… she feels the pull from within her. She goes into labor and gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Immediately little Tariq is shuffled off to the Sheba quarters, but beautiful little Nyx takes her place at her mother’s side.Nyx.jpg

An eventful day…



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  1. lisabeesims says:

    Oh sweet baby … Welcome


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