The gentle Celebration

08-08-16_8-16-47 PM.pngFai locks her son Kasim into the Pits. She can only pray now that her daughter will have a girl. But this sacrifice might sway the Goddess’s decision. Hopefully.

The newest Cal’Dasha is also praying. 08-08-16_8-21-27 PM.png

Prana doesn’t know the others as well as she would like, and it doesn’t help that she’s hidden herself away in the Prayer room either.

But Sweet Raanan finds her and talks to her gently about plants and the funny ones that she has seen in the forest. 08-08-16_8-26-11 PM.png

Prana is intrigued. What could these peculiar plants be and what can they do? Raanan also has a book about certain herbs that she lets Prana read. 08-08-16_8-30-52 PM.png She’s happy to share with her new tribal sister.

She’s also happy to whisper to her about her suspiciously growing belly!08-08-16_8-47-32 PM.png

Being the youngest in the tribe Prana is happy to learn about babies and the bodies they come from! She’s got two pregnant Cal’Dasha to inspect these days and this one she’ll witness from the beginning! Fai is just entering the room they are in and joins the conversation about Raanan’s belly. Everyone likes the new girl and it feels like an omen of more good times. 08-08-16_8-51-35 PM.png Good times with babies and friendship and camaraderie. She hopes this baby is a girl and she hopes these women will stay friends forever and ever.

As Prana starts taking care of the women Fai starts planning a celebration. She can feel age in her bones. She can feel the Goddess’s pull.

They women dance and eat cake, laughing and enjoying themselves. But the best present of Fai’s life is hearing from the others that as she blows the fire of her celebration cake, her daughter Perdanna has had her own daughter. Tazana.

What a day!




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  1. So wonderful, celebrations aplenty!

    Don’t you hate those baby clothes?! My gosh. I wish I knew how to change them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      I’ve tried downloading some baby cc but I haven’t gotten anything to work yet… probably more of the devil’s leaf 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Lol!!!!! Yup, probably! Let me know when/if you figure it out, I’m curious too!

        Liked by 2 people

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