The Baby is gone.

08-09-16_3-29-20 PM.png

As Fai’s celebrations were winding down Nyx came out of the cave. She grabbed the fruit and was eating it when she saw her brother and felt a twinge of anger. She didn’t want a brother. She only liked the girls in the tribe. nyx2.jpg Other than her belief that her brother was icky, Nyx was a funny little girl. This was her first outing as a child. She enjoyed laughing and making the other Cal’Dasha women laugh too. She knew that there was a Sheba in the Pit and it was very good for him. He was honoring her mother Fai and the great Goddess of the High Mountain. She knew that her brother would soon go live at Cal’Sheba. And she knew she had a sister, Perdanna, the tall beautiful woman who just gave birth to a little baby girl named Tazana who Nyx liked to make little bubbly faces at.

Well she used to… the baby has disappeared and Perdanna doesn’t know what happened!08-09-16_5-46-32 PM.png

*The baby was born and then disappeared! I don’t know what happened, she’s not in the family tree, but Perdana has a “New baby” moodlet… so I’m just gonna work it in because I don’t have a clue what happened but life works in mysterious ways ; )

Perdanna is weird and sad at night so Nyx’s mother lets her sleep somewhere else. She even built Nyx her very own room on top of the other sleep caves!08-09-16_5-41-01 PM.png

She’s right next to the smelly herb room but it’s still pretty great! And it’s nice and quiet so Nyx can’t hear Perdanna crying anymore.

Perdanna also spends alot of time in the Room of Prayers now too… Nyx doesn’t like praying too much and her mother said she doesn’t have to spend as much time as Perdanna praying. 08-09-16_5-52-30 PM.png

But when Nyx does pray, she prays that Perdanna gets to have another baby. Especially if it’s a girl. Little Nyx doesn’t want her big sister Perdanna to be sad anymore.



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  1. Unexpected surprises in a legacy story are always a good time! They can certainly make for a storytelling arc you didn’t plan on! We’ll see how Perdanna is after losing her little one.

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