Raanan waddled to the cave where a tiny stone bassinet stood in the shade. She had many hopes for this day! She could feel the baby coming!

*Stupid game lost my pic of the birth but you know what it looks like you crazy simmers*

After the whole ordeal was finished she sighed with disappointment when they realized the baby was yet another boy.

08-23-16_4-49-49 PM.png

Mal Sheba would make his way to Cal’Sheba with the other males and Fai didn’t even bother to see him. She was in the twilight of her life and she had no interest in any more Sheba. The day that Mal was born was a long hot one. Fai could feel the heat in her aging bones and it was exasperating. Fai contemplating.jpg

She had to plan a celebration for both Perdanna and Raanan. Two women were about to age up and there was only one young girl to follow them. She showed her age with her greying hair so she wouldn’t be the one to birth any more girls. This was a disaster. She would have to travel to the Cal’Sheba and bring her ugly sons and hope that Raanan and Prana’s good looks and genes could squash out their plainness.

The party is small, Fai can’t convince herself to honor the women with a trip when none of them would give her baby girls that could stay! They dance at home and eat cake and are merry anyway.

08-23-16_9-39-07 PM.png

But Perdanna has been chatting with Prana and believes that maybe some of Prana’s readings could help her understand her body and they suspect that Prana’s prediction is right. She runs to tell her mother that she believes herself to have a growing goddess inside of her! Fai is so relieved! She is elated!

With her reestablished hope she made the long journey to Cal’Sheba to retrieve one of her sons. Hopefully they’d make it back in time for her grand-daughter’s birth. 08-23-16_10-20-56 PM.png

It is after all, a long trip through the cruel desert.

08-24-16_10-57-44 AM.png

And some unpleasant business waiting for her at home. She’ll have to sacrifice Ayuki when she gets home. It’s time.

It’s all in a days work for a Creator and there are many days that pass. She sees her daughter’s belly growing and growing while Ayuki is dying and dying. She tells her daughter that she must be strong. She will soon have to take responsibility. 08-25-16_1-07-07 PM.png

She passes on tradition. Not necessarily knowledge.

Her daughter was always the smarter one anyway…

08-25-16_1-39-01 PM.png It’s a baby girl! Welcome to the tribe baby Morowa! The flowers bloom, the sun shines and everyone praises the Great Mountain Goddess for her beautiful gifts!08-25-16_1-43-02 PM.png


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