The Reign of Fai

The only bad part about Prana’s celebration was that she wouldn’t actually age up! She was expecting her first baby!08-30-16_1-35-01 PM.png

She was very excited to pass on her theories about the plants that lived around their camp, the beautiful plants that grew in their garden, and maybe now that she had a baby growing she could start writing it all down for a new generation of Cal’Dasha. She is fortunate to be learning about herbology and only wanted to learn more.

08-30-16_1-39-48 PM.png

Fai is smug with pride. Her women are finally getting there. And just in time. She knows her days are numbered. Even though her body is still strong she knows she can rest easier. Everyone will be ok. It has all worked out so far.

And it didn’t take long. The next day was Fai’s last day. She was quietly painting in the garden when Grim came for her.

08-30-16_5-25-01 PM.png

She wouldn’t see Prana’s first baby but she’d known and loved her grand daughter. She had built a large and pleasing place for her followers and they would continue on the Cal’Dasha name in her honor.

She’d had her tomb already prepared and Predanna took her down there and let her tears flow.

08-30-16_5-35-46 PM.png

The cool quiet of the tomb was the only relief of any of the Cal’Dasha’s grief. She had been mighty and had set her daughter up for success.

Some stats on Fai: She gave birth to 7 babies!! I didn’t realize it haha!! Busy mama for sure. Five of those babies with Taro! 4 were boys and one was Perdanna. Her only other mate was Ayaki. Her son Kasim had three boys with Raanan! So many boys!!! No wonder she was so stressed out! The home is huge. 08-30-16_5-44-54 PM.png08-30-16_5-45-03 PM.png08-30-16_5-45-18 PM.png

I really enjoy the structures built into the rock caves. It’s not something I would share on the gallery because of all the copious cc but it’s one of my favorite things I built.

Rest in Peace Fai! Next will be the Reign of Perdanna.




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