The Explorer

A sunny day in the desert and there’s much to do. Both Nyx and Prana are celebrating today. There’s cake to eat, dancing to do. 08-30-16_12-32-45 PM.png

The great Goddess has been good on this day, there are many things to be grateful for. Fai is content to see her silly little daughter age up on this day.

nyx bday.jpg

Nyx is silly and loves being outside. She’s very curious about the world around her and Fai can’t wait to send her off to the woods to explore it even further. She’s been to school like her sister and they have many conversations about the things they both learned there. Perdanna encourages her to keep studying anything she can.

08-30-16_12-40-11 PM.png*this is what the game gave her hahaha love it. Not enough to keep it.

nyx teen.jpg

Nyx was striking. She had her Ayaki Sheba’s striking green eyes and the same shape. His whole face was her face. Strong. But she would make you laugh! She was easy going, perfect for an Heiress’s sister. She would probably never feel any jealousy over her sister’s power or position. She loved both the tradition her attentive mother taught her and the knowledge her brilliant sister would pass her. Everyone loved Nyx.




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