The Grey Box

New entry for the Quality Control  Competition on the Forums!

Budget: Between Between 140k and 190k

Lot Size: 30×20

Futuristic theme and style
Unique design
2 stories
At least 2 bedrooms

Modern is hard for me. I don’t EVER build no modern homes 😉

So I learned a few things that I even enjoyed about this build. Here’s some pics. 08-31-16_12-47-50 PM.pngThe top floor where there’s two bedrooms, one with it’s own private bathroom. The other one is a bit bigger. Nothing fancy I don’t think but don’t tell the judges 😉08-31-16_12-57-47 PM08-31-16_12-58-04 PMI’m sure they won’t like the green bed with the blue walls but I like different colors with other colors… some times on the forums everyone just wants everything the same color over and over again and it’s too boring for me. I WAS matching the brown bed with the other browns in the room though so hopefully they appreciate that!08-31-16_12-58-20 PM08-31-16_12-58-38 PM08-31-16_12-58-53 PM08-31-16_12-59-22 PM08-31-16_12-59-27 PM

You can see Turtle DiMarco modeling on the back balcony. I got dinged for things not being playable or going into other things on the last build I entered into the comp and I wanted to work on that and make sure that I can actually compete without being docked points for rookie mistakes. So it’s not really the most impressive build but I learned a lot!

08-31-16_12-48-23 PM.png

The main floor has a little tv sitting room and a kitchen with spacious counters and a fairly big bathroom with a waterfall wall. Also the pool/patio area is really big with lots of space to sit and eat so less formal I guess. No dining room. Just lots of counters and couches and benches to sit at.08-31-16_12-44-39 PM08-31-16_12-45-18 PM08-31-16_12-47-15 PM

I imagined who would live here would spend a good chunk of time outside on the patios/balconies and in the pool. There really isn’t too much to do inside I guess but I think it’s pretty nice.

08-31-16_1-16-12 PM08-31-16_1-16-21 PM08-31-16_1-16-28 PMI like the kitchen I know it’s simple. But my sims have been in caves in the Cal’Dasha story and they don’t get to cook in nice fancy people kitchens like this. I miss dishwashers and counters. I miss anything that isn’t a pile of dirt and dust I guess.08-31-16_1-16-44 PM08-31-16_1-17-37 PM08-31-16_1-18-08 PM08-31-16_1-18-18 PMThe waterfall wall looks pretty nice in game. If this was RL I’d freak out with joy if I got to soak in a tub with a waterfall right beside me. It would probably put me to sleep and then I’d drown in the tub so maybe not so much?

08-31-16_1-27-30 PM08-31-16_1-27-50 PM

Something I learned in my last build: the judges said that some of my objects were in weird places because of the MOO cheat. But if you save your build, bulldoze the lot, replace the build, you can see where that’s going to happen and you can fix it, re-save it, then upload to the gallery. Didn’t know that! Learning!

I think you get to see everything! Total Cost $141,545 Lots of white and blues and greys. Which I guess I assume is “modern”haha!


Most of the rooms are in the gallery too, in case you want any individually. Thanks for checking it out!





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