Oh No!

So I’ve had a catastrophic computer crash and lost everything haha My computer was in the shop for a few days and I’ve lost all my files. Luckily I don’t have anything important on here except for my sims … but I’m sad about my loss hahaha So Cal’Dasha is gone and I don’t want…

Build-n-Share 52

The Main floor of the Main house.I checked that cupboard it’s the same white, it’s just a weird trick of the light at night I think. And the side home! Where Nell the Nanny lives!   The Second floor has a little of both homes! But the main home takes up most of the space….

BnS52 The Hewes-Kesslers

I wanted to enter a family into the Build’n’Share Comp and here they are! Jonah and his husband Oliver with their little daughter Sophia and their live in nanny Nell.   Jonah Oliver      

The Fire

Morowa played a little song on the violin. The strings squeaked and squealed and the sun beat down on the land. It wasn’t the only disaster for the day…   A new Sheba was cooking in the kitchen. He was young, handsome and inexperienced. The kitchen lit up almost instantaneously. The flames were big and…


The sun is mighty on this day. Prana dances away in the heat, her growing belly a source of excitement for the whole tribe. Everyone prays for a girl and feeds her little fruits from the garden. Her dear friend Praana was in that very garden that morning, gathering strawberries for her when she suddenly…