The Fire

09-02-16_2-20-37 AM.pngMorowa played a little song on the violin. The strings squeaked and squealed and the sun beat down on the land. It wasn’t the only disaster for the day…


A new Sheba was cooking in the kitchen. He was young, handsome and inexperienced. The kitchen lit up almost instantaneously. The flames were big and out of control and he was caught in the heat very fast.09-02-16_2-25-22 AM.png

Perdanna heard the man’s screams and rushed up the stairs. The door was locked, only a Sheba could open it! She could hear him dying in the most horrific pain she could even imagine. She pounded on the doors helplessly. 09-02-16_2-27-02 AM.png09-02-16_2-28-29 AM.png

No amount of science could debunk the dark figure inside of this room. He was part of the Great Mountain Goddess’s world, and no living mortal could have any say with him. He came to collect the Sheba.09-02-16_2-30-44 AM.pngThe fire raged for so long… neither Perdanna or Nyx could get inside and Prana waited impatiently with Morowa. She could feel the baby kicking, and she could feel exhaustion slamming around in her head, beating her body down. She falls to the ground and Morowa can do nothing but watch the fire sky with no adults to comfort her.

The entire room had to burn before the option to do anything was available again! Perdanna caught on fire a few times and put herself out. She was very brave for her women and they will be even more loyal to her now.


A new kitchen could be rebuilt. A new Sheba will appear over the hill. But the women are beyond tired and all head to bed for the night. Smelly. Hungry. Afraid not only of the days events, but of the great power of the Goddess. They must pray harder. They can’t ever forget.


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