09-02-16_12-21-30 AM.pngThe sun is mighty on this day. Prana dances away in the heat, her growing belly a source of excitement for the whole tribe. Everyone prays for a girl and feeds her little fruits from the garden. Her dear friend Praana was in that very garden that morning, gathering strawberries for her when she suddenly collapses. It’s only fitting that Praana should meet Grim in the place she spent most of her life. She’d put everything into that garden and it was glorious. 09-02-16_12-49-40 AM.pngPerdanna was sad that her mother’s first companion had joined her in the tomb. But she wasn’t as superstitious as the old woman had been. She’s tossing and turning that night, tortured by thoughts of traditions and progress. She finds herself hoping out of bed and heading to the prayer room. 09-02-16_1-08-44 AM.pngHer mother would want her to pray on this. Her mother was also gone.

She comes to the decision that it’s her day to rule. She wants to tribe to take a small footstep into the modern world. They have to get rid of some of their old customs. She makes the long walk down to The Pit. There’s a few spirits that lurk around the camp and she resolves to start there. She releases them. She doesn’t believe that there’s a reason to hold on to these men. They’re gone. They don’t bring rains or good fortune. Or determine the sex of a baby growing in it’s mother’s womb.09-02-16_1-14-10 AM.pngShe prays for strength and answers.

In the morning after she’s finally found some rest, it’s like lightning. She can feel the electricity and wonders if this is the “pull”her mother always spoke of. She feels the weight of the world and hears the man’s screams.

The Sheba living on their lot falls to the ground in agony. Grim takes him and she can’t help but feel like this is the Great Goddess. This is what her mother said She was capable of. 09-02-16_1-21-37 AM.png

She must keep a balance of tradition and science. A ying and a yang. It should always be important. She doesn’t know if this change comes strictly from these events or if the simple act of taking over as Creator changed her in some way…

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